Sometimes rising young stars are born overnight, and become great through triumph and passion.  For singer and songwriter Dylan Jenét, this couldn’t be more fitting.  Jenét is prepared to leave a musical legacy and make her mark as one of this generations premiere voices in pop music.  Dylan is already earning accolades by being the youngest Native American Music Award Winner (NAMMYS) in history to win the award for Best Pop Artist at the age of thirteen, starring in the role of “Young Nala” in Disney’s critically acclaimed Broadway Production “The Lion King”, performing at the famed, Carnegie Hall and Nokia Theatre at LA Live, becoming an NAACP Junior Life member, and being awarded the Urban League Legacy Award for philanthropy for her charitable contributions towards the enhancement of society.

Keeping a balance, and surrounding herself with positive people, has kept Dylan on the path towards musical sincerity. By believing that staying humble, working harder than anyone else at what she loves, and learning from every experience, there is nothing that is beyond Dylan’s reach. She continues to dive deeper into her transformation from a girl to a woman and is poised to have an appeal to the international masses establishing her everlasting music legacy.