Music is the art form and the medium is Dumb Bunny. So where is the drop? Now. Dumb Bunny (aka Avishay Goren) gives soul to the musical universe through sounds generating from hip hop, EDM, pop, rock and R & B. Inspired by the greats of musical engineering, Dumb Bunny’s sound was shaped from artists such as the multi-instrumentalist Dr. Luke, to the progressive rock sounds of Queen, incorporating the all-encompassing sounds of the Grammy award winning EDM producer Skrillex and the stylistic alternative aesthetic sounds of Kanye West. Exquisitely inspired, Dumb Bunny has created a sound that changes the way infused EDM is received. Dumb Bunny dematerializes music and takes it to a state that is more truthful to its nature, raw infusion.

Dumb Bunny’s Israeli heritage, is highlighted by his country’s influence in music, as music is a part of the country’s national identity. So, leaving his home of Israel, Dumb Bunny set out with aspirations to bring his music to the world spreading his music to as many people as he can, and creating a complete experience enchanting their minds on a musical carnival. Taking their senses on a roller coaster ride while creating mental visuals through the ominous power of musical wits.

Dumb Bunny is an unknown substance that may or may not contain what people think, despite being marketed as EDM. He is never cut with different substances that are harmful to the raw truth of his influence, music. As an artist at The Chemists group, Dumb Bunny’s road ahead will take something from each genre and bring it to the next one; leading The Chemists to be the biggest label and music house in the world.