When Garnett March launched his label the Chemists in the fall of 2013, his goal was to create an environment that focused on artist development much like Berry Gordy did during the early Motown days; the transformation of raw talent and turning them into major stars. If anyone is up for the job, it’s Garnett. After serving some 20 years working in upper management capacities at labels like Interscope and Priority Records, Garnett was instrumental in the careers of Mary J. Blige, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, BlackStreet, Master P, Westside Connection, Floetry, Keyshia Cole, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and lots more.

Now, it was time for Garnett to take his expertise to an entrepreneurial level. As CEO of the Chemists, he’s opened offices with connecting recording studios in the Arts District of North Hollywood, and has assembled a team of esteemed music executives, consisting of Michael Sherman, General Manager; songwriter-producer LaShawn Daniels, Head of A&R; Troy Marshall, Head of Promotions; Carlos McCullers, Head of Marketing; Michael Williams, Head of Rhythm Crossover; and Doug Daniel, Radio Promotions.

With the executive team in place, the Chemists is ready to roll full steam ahead with its roster of artists. All have new projects slated for 2015, starting with the charismatic Anthony Lewis, the label’s flagship artist— a young singer and dancer— who generated some buzz with his recent cover of the Soul 4 Real classic, “Candy Rain,” featuring his label mate Billy Bang, who hails from New York. Lewis’ current single is ***. Compton AV is a young rapper out of Compton, Calif., who continues to build his fan base with the release of his mixtape last year, and the single “Run Me My Money.” Also on the R&B side is Dylan Jene, a 17 year-old singer, who’s starred on Broadway, and is working to make her debut during the summer. And Dumb Bunny, an EDM DJ from Israel, who will be bringing new music to his international brand and growing fan base courtesy of the Chemists.

“We’re very excited about the roster we have here,” says LaShawn Daniels. “All of our artists have the potential to be huge stars. We see the raw talent they have. We at the Chemists are the conduit that takes the talent to stardom. For us, it’s about artist development, and creating hit singles and sustaining those songs with album projects.”

Inside of the Chemists’ facilities are five recording rooms, including a main studio for all of the artists to come in and create, and within a comfortable environment. “That’s an important piece to all of this,” says Daniels. “When our artists come in to work, their fellow labelmate may be in another room next door, and they can inspire each other. Each room has pretty much everything they need from vocal booths, to Logic and Pro-tools programs. We are very self-sufficient and are able to go straight from the creative process to the radio.”

Troy Marshall, who has served at a bevy of major labels, certainly sees the vision. “Our goal is to turn our talent into stars and those stars in to brands; brands that can live on for 15 or 20 years if it is done right,” he says. Marshall says getting the artists to radio is his main objective.

“Radio is still the key component and primary source to expose the artist; it’s not necessarily the end-all, be-all but that’s the conduit that brings the picture together. We’ll be doing videos online, and social media but in order for it all to make sense, the consumer needs to hear that song on the radio and in turn they go online to see the visual of the record and the vision for the artist. More importantly, we want the consumer to fall in love with our artists and in turn fall in love with their brand.”

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